Save time, money and manpower with increased automation from portal development

Conserve And Optimise Your Resources

Make the most out of your business assets to boost productivity and revenue

You can enjoy a streamlined approach to managing and optimising your business workflows by integrating online portals into your company's IT functionality. By fully integrating all department functions of your business online, you introduce a transformed ability to communicate and work that conserves and optimises your business' resources. Existing systems such as CRM and ERP can be woven into a bespoke portal system. Here are some examples of what the portal capabilities of automation can do for your business.

Decrease of Administration Work

Automation can be a valuable part of your resource management strategy. Save money by automating routine work functions in a variety of departments such as billing, human resources and sales, saving resources to be put to work in other areas of the company. Functions such as sales follow up reminders can be programmed to respond to time-based triggers to automate a routine management function. Extend the conservation of resources and work capacity per capita further with backend code that supports the automation of key parts of your daily operations.

Enhanced Communication

Save valuable time and focus on completing the more important objectives

When you enable your staff to log in to work online, you automatically increase the level of communication in your company. Developing company sites that function on mobile devices as well fosters online connection wherever your employees are. The coordination of information via an intranet portal means that information can be instantly available to multiple business groups all at once and accessed online whenever it is needed. This eliminates the need for extraneous emails while providing greater access to information. Both standardised and bespoke reports can be generated on a trigger basis or on demand.

Focus on Sales Generation

Maximise revenue by replacing automatable workflows with efficient business development strategies

The elimination of administration costs on tasks that can be automated keeps you focused on the generation of leads and sales. Sales agents can upload sales data spreadsheets via the portal that is automatically integrated into sales figures and reports. Everyone can look at the real-time data with online capability. The portal can also be a great place to organise sales documents for easy access by staff out in the field. Externally, a portal is useful for coordinating the automatic administration of customer loyalty programs.

The portal can be an agile solution that allows the business to interface with backend information, update system parameters and generate reports without having to take on a complicated and time-consuming development project. Contact us at the Nano Corporation to find out how portals can make a positive impact on your company workflows.


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