Effectively manage your customer network with intelligent CRM Solutions

Harness the Power of Bespoke CRM

Utilise custom CRM Solutions to track customer data and generate intelligent client reports to influence business strategy

Our bespoke software development can optimise your businesses' efficiency to new levels. This digital transformation of your CRM can take place as an entirely new system, provide modifications to an existing program, or act as a seamless integration between two CRM systems. It can organise all of the data related to every client touch point and deliver meaningful reports.

Tailored to Your Specifications

The reporting needs of each business vary, so why have a standardised system? Our agile development agency will focus on delivery of a system that gives you the data and reports you need so you can streamline your business functionality. We design solutions for your CRM interfaces that are intuitive enough to be readily used by both internal and external customers. These applications can all be tailored to the types of data that your company uses, and the resulting reports that are important to you.

Pipeline Management Delivery

An effective sales funnel helps to streamline business development processes and optimise lead potential

An effective CRM system helps you stay in control of the sales pipeline with a reduction of your current administration time. Pipeline management will keep you in the know about how many prospects are in the pipeline, where they are at, and keeps the data in one place. Quoting capabilities within the CRM can be utilised to standardise and automate the quote process.

Make the Work Truly Flow

Workflow automation through bespoke CRM applications will allow you to set up time-saving automation solutions via an intuitive user interface. Common areas of workflow automation are sales, support, and account management. Sales automation helps managers keep track of status changes and automate follow-up reminders. Support automation can notify staff of a support issue, issue a problem ticket, and notify the client of awareness of the problem. Account automation uses time-based triggers to alert staff when an account is nearing the end of its contract, enabling timely contact.

Tailored to your specification

We work closely with you to develop a fully customised CRM solution unique to your preference

What are your requirements for your software design? We listen to you and deliver according to your objectives. Integration with current applications, high performance, user-friendly functionality, and security are all components of the solution.

If your firm does not have a CRM solution, your interactions with your customers are in danger of being inconsistent, and that can result in lost opportunities and earnings. Claim the benefits of all that workflow automation can bring you via a bespoke CRM system. If you currently have a CRM system that needs some customised functionality, why not make it the best it can be? Contact us today to discuss how we can create a bespoke system to address your unique internal business processes.


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